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Benefits using Countit

Inventory counting can be a cumbersome process. Why not use easy to use bolt on applications specialised in niche solutions to solve those problems? Especially when performing an inventory count on paper, Countit can digitise this process without you having to have IT skills.

Reduce the total manpower hours used for counting, automate the validation of count results and reduce TCO with Countit. The best thing is that you do not need to invest in any hardware. You can use your business phone to execute the count and you do not need an infrastructure in the warehouse.

Most customers that have used Countit have actually increased their counting frequency due to the decreased cost for counting and the increased quality of the count result. By increasing the number of counts, they have increased their stock reliability and have a lesser out of stocks. Countit is a low cost solution but has a cost effective contribution to any business carrying stock. Visit us at and ask for a demo to see how it would work in your environment.

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